Western Australia

[Australia] area: 2,525,500 sq km
population: 1,701,900 people (1995)
density of population: 0.67 people per sq km
Western Australia has an Aboriginal population of over 42,000, which represents about 2.6% of the state's population. Roughly a quarter live in the north-west of the state and on its eastern border with the Northern Territory.
Western Australia's geography is a little like a distorted reflection of eastern Australia's except that the west is far drier. In the north it's dry and relatively barren.
There are several different climate zones in WA, with the three main ones being tropical in the north, semi-arid in the interior and mild 'Mediterranean' in the south-west. In general the rainfall decreases the farther you get from the coast.
source: lonely planet travel survival kit, Australia

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to travel the whole west coast, so I have to come back...

[Western Australia]

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