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As you know from my Homepage , I'm a total Australia fan since my 2 holidays in Down Under. First time I spent 14 weeks (13th of Oct. 1996 - 18th of Jan. 1997) travelling around in the eastern and central part of Australia as a backpacker. For my second journey I got 6 weeks off (29th of August till 10th of October 1997) to visit Cairns and Melbourne again and to travel the Kimberley from Darwin down to Broome.

During my traveling I took quite a lot of pictures of the fascinating scenery. Some of them you'll find in the following pages of my little OZ-travel-guide. Just click on a state or territory of the Australia map below and you will be guided through Australia with hopefully interesting hints for your own journey. I'll tell you only about things I experienced by myself. Most hostels I stayed in, all guided tours I did, were pretty good. Time changes things, so please don't lynch me, if you don't agree with my experiences. This shall not be a real travel guide, because you get heaps of them for little money. But most of them contain only few pictures. Anyway, the best travel guide I saw and that I used by myself was the Lonely Planet travel survival kit, which was about AUS$ 33.-. By the way, all the prices I mention are in AUS $!

I will be very pleased, if you send me your opinion about my page or sign my guestbook. And please don't be too severe with my English; don't forget, english is my second language... ;-)

Now fasten your seatbelts and let's start the tour...

now with about 220 pictures

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