Darwin - Kakadu Nationalpark

Kakadu National Park is one of the natural marvels not just of the Northern Territory, but of Australia.
The name Kakadu comes from Gagadju, one of the local Aboriginal languages, and much of Kakadu is Aboriginal land, leased to the government for use as a national park.
In all, Kakadu has over 1000 plant species, and a number are still used by the local Aboriginal people for food, bush medicine and other practical purposes. There's also a big variety of wildlife: reptiles, mammals and fishes.
Kakadu is an important repository of rock art collections - there are over 5000 sites, which date from 20,000 years old right up to those from the 1960s.

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Darwin, Kakadu I, Kakadu II

Kakadu I

Bull from the movie Crocodile Dundee. Our first picnic, close to a river: don't swim, crocs (salties) could wait inside!
Aboriginal paintings: long neck turtle Various animals and human beings.
Just two weeks after the beginning of the wet season, all is green again. To reach Twin Falls, you have to swim about 500m, and if you are lucky you see some Freshies (fresh water crocodiles). No worries, they won't attack you, if you don't disturb them whilst breading.