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Who am I:

My name is Jürgen (nickname Lupo) and I live in Munich (well known for the famous "Oktoberfest"). For my living I work as an mecanical engineer at a famous car-manufacturer (?).

I'm very interested in motorsports; I took part in the German- and European-Motorcycle-Championship in the years 1992-1996. Now I finished racing and prefer to watch the races on TV, especially Formula 1 and Motorcycle-GP. On my Motorsports-Page, you will find some information about racing and some racing-pictures from my career.

My new favorit hobby is travelling. I spent the winter 1996/1997 (13th of Oct. 1996 - 18th of Jan. 1997) in Australia travelling around in the eastern and central part as a backpacker. Later in the year 1997 I got a second opportunity to travel through Australia, from 29th of Aug. till 10th of Oct.. Please visit my OZ-page to see my tour. Meanwhile I added my best pictures of Australia together with some backpacking hints and information.

Feel free to contact me and tell me if you like (or not), what you see.

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